High Tech Hilversum Support System

In order to help you as efficiently as possible, we use this support ticket system. Every support request gets its own unique ID so that all questions and answers can be easily traced for you and us. To be able to review all your support requests later, there is a complete archive of your history. A working email address is required.

If you require remote controlled support, please download the software above. After downloading, you need to install and start it. You will then see an ID number and you will then state this number with the specified password in your ticket request. You can also use our new SimpleHelp tool. You can also download it above. Click the Download Remote Support button and then launch the tool. (always after telephone appointment)


Costs are € 25.00 per session and this is done by appointment only.

By emailing your details you agree to our terms and conditions.

Payment is made via a Tikkie or iDEAL payment request.